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Saddlestone Horse & Pony Quiz Book for Kids

Saddlestone Horse & Pony Quiz Book for Kids

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Discover the exciting world of fun, facts and pony quizzes with the official Saddlestone Quiz Book! This book is beautifully written for young equestrians aged 7 to 10 years, and is packed full of practical riding and stable management tips. The Saddlestone Quiz book will keep young riders entertained for hours, with topics including:


  • Knowing your pony
  • Pony health
  • Fields and stables
  • Grooming and bonding
  • Pony tack
  • Equipment
  • Horse safety
  • Riding your pony
  • Buying a pony
  • Horsemanship


This pony quiz book is perfect for young riders going to pony camp and studying for pony exams. It is also guaranteed to keep kids entertained on long car journeys. Plus is the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas. Instructors, have got a quiz night coming up for your riding students and need some inspiration? Well, look no further than this pony quiz book!


The Saddlestone Quiz Book for Kids is written by the #1 best-selling Irish author Elaine Heney, who is also the author of the Listenology Guide, Dressage for Beginners, the Forgotten Horse and Horse Care for Kids. Elaine Heney’s pony books are much loved around the world. 

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful for anyone!

I recently started riding and volunteering at a rescue, pursing my childhood dream of being around horses at the age of 35, so naturally I’ve been looking for a ways to expand my knowledge outside of the barn. Even though I’m an adult and this is designed for children, I found it engaging and incredibly helpful in helping me identify where the gaps in my knowledge are so I know what areas I need to focus on learning next. Thank you so much for creating this! And have now become a huge fan of your work!