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The Equine Listenology Guide - Essential horsemanship, horse body language & behaviour, groundwork, in-hand exercises & riding lessons

The Equine Listenology Guide - Essential horsemanship, horse body language & behaviour, groundwork, in-hand exercises & riding lessons

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Enjoy this 'Listening to the Horse' inspired equestrian book, packed full of stories, lessons, case studies and training exercises for you & your horse. Discover lots of in-hand, groundwork and riding lessons for you to try out at home with your horse. 

Book contents:

  • The Listening to the Horse documentary
  • 14 Cornerstone principles of Listenology
  • Groundwork & in hand exercises
  • 10 minute lessons and bad weather exercises
  • The #1 lead rope mistake to avoid
  • The no pull training exercise
  • Confidence training & ground work
  • Walking in hand with your horse
  • Herd bound and barn sour horses
  • Liberty work and partnership building
  • Dancing with Matilda & horsemanship
  • 6 Benefits of polework exercises
  • Cavaletti training exercises
  • Sideways exercises & dressage
  • Lateral work & collection
  • How to start shoulder out
  • The Royal Stables in Cordoba, Spain
  • Which bitless bridle is right for my horse?
  • Does my saddle fit my horse?
  • The comfort zone riding exercise
  • How to use less rein cues
  • Riding one handed
  • The changing direction exercise
  • Posture & the still shoulders exercise
  • The lower back riding exercise
  • The Holy Grail of horse riding
  • Footfall sequence exercise
  • Fun with Cones
  • Fun with Polework
  • The Balance Bootcamp


As seen at the RDS Dublin Horse Show, the Irish Pony Club Festival,  the Irish Pony Club Minimus, the Irish Riding Club Festival, Clonmel Show, Tullow Show & Iverk Show.als UK. 

Elaine Heney is the #1 best-selling author, award-winning film-maker, director of Grey Pony Films, and creator of the 'Listening to the Horse™' documentary. She has helped over 120,000+ horse owners in 113 countries to create awesome relationships with their horses. Elaine lives in Ireland with her horses Ozzie & Matilda. Discover Elaine’s series of world renowned online groundwork, riding & training programs at Grey Pony Films.

Publisher - Grey Pony Films (May 22, 2021)

Language - English

Paperback - 276 pages

Item Weight - 1.69 pounds

Dimensions - 6 x 0.63 x 9 inches

eBook - Read the ebook online here.

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Summer Wichael
Provides good explanation of the book

I am still reading the book and from what I’ve read so far think it is well written and provides valuable information and insights in learning about horses.